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Why I love Photography

It started with a wall of old family photos. A “rouges gallery” my Mom called it, and I was fascinated. It all seemed so romantic. The people I loved captured in time…some recent and some in a seemingly far off past. There were images of my grandma as a child, my mother as a young bride, and my Papa Payne on a baseball team from the 1930’s. Over the years it was added to; a baby picture of me at Easter in a huge bonnet, silly pictures from vacation, and senior portraits of my brother playing the classical bass. Because of this “rogues gallery” stories were shared and connections made to people that I didn’t get to see often or might never have an opportunity to meet. It was my family’s history, their lives displayed across the family room wall. It was a daily connection to my past and to my future, a way to remember … it was my story.

I don’t think my Mom had any idea how much I loved that wall or how it would affect my future. I didn’t know then that a “rogue’s gallery” is a nice name for a wall of wanted posters…criminals on display. Her own little joke I’m sure, but in a way it was true. Each and every person on that wall was an important member of our family and history….they were all wanted. Without a doubt that wall is one of the many reasons I love photography so much.

Every family has a story and everyone should have a “rouges gallery” in their life to celebrate it. My goal as a photographer is to create breathtaking images of your family, your high school senior, or your children that will capture these special times… these fleeting moments, so that you can look back on them with beautiful clarity and use them to tell your own story.