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Griles Family | Corolla | Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

Every summer I spend time in the Outer Baks of North Carolina for vacation, and if I’m lucky, I manage to schedule a photo shoot or two while I’m there. It’s always fun to branch out any try new locations and environments. Plus, beach shoots are always cool! This year the stars aligned … the Griles family was in the Outer Banks and ready for beach photos. To add a little extra excitement they were way up in Corolla, NC. This meant I was going to have to drive to their vacation house in a 4×4. Lucky for me they were willing to pick their photographer up! Otherwise I would have been a stuck and frustrated mini van owner sitting in the sand.

It turned out to be a great night for photographs despite the stormy weather earlier in the day and we had a great time. The kids were super good sports and I know their Mom loves the memories we captured. I’ve been taking photos of the Griles family for years and I have to say this is one of my favorite sessions.

They were staying near a beautiful and historic Life Saving Station. It made a great backdrop for our evening session.

Elizabeth Miller Photography

Elizabeth Miller Photography_ Griles Family

Elizabeth Miller Photography_Griles 4Elizabeth Miller Photography_Griles 5

Elizabeth Miller Photography_ Griles 6Elizabeth Miller Photography_ Griles 3Elizabeth Miller Photography _ Griles  2

You can’t play at the beach without getting wet! I think it was a little colder than they expected. Don’t you just love the reactions?!?

Elizabeth Miller Photography_ Griles 1

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